What to do next

It saddens us that we can’t be with you on your special day, but, hey, there are plenty of other good bands out there.

Bands come and go, so it’s hard for us to recommend a specific act. It’s also worth asking which caller they will use for your event.  The Burdock Band has a policy of ‘gender free’ calling, which the traditional bands don’t necessarily do. Our callers are guest-oriented with a focus on just having a lot of fun together, so it’s worth questioning the caller about their approach.

The musicianship of most bands is generally excellent, however the style of music will vary considerably. For example, our sound is very much Celtic/Irish; other bands are English Morris, Scottish Ceilidh, and sometimes rock-based folk with electric guitars and full drum kit – the latter may include a covers singer.

Good callers are in demand and will work with many bands, so you could find the caller first and then see what band they recommend for your needs. Callers will often have their own websites/Facebook pages, so you can get a feel of what they are about.

Some ideas…

Encore Musicians is a good place to get some ideas and rapid quotes, both for ceilidh bands and callers. Hop til you Drop allows you to search for ceilidh bands in your area. With most online entertainment agencies, expect to have to sign up to them before they release any contacts, and expect prices to be up to 25% higher.

To find local (English) bands directly, then try the ‘Bands by County’ listing on Webfeet. They also have a caller directory.

If you specifically need a solo caller (no band), then , get back to us and we can post a request on a callers’ group Facebook page. Good luck, and have a fab event!